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Simplest way to build, host and re-use your GraphQL backend API


Build and Host GraphQL or REST services provides you with a serverless, multi-cloud platform to build GraphQL or REST services using Git. We also take care of the database modeling, storage and scaling, continuous deployments and integration. Additionally, we provide debugging, logs, and inter-services messaging to support your projects.


Share, re-use and monetize your services

We’re not just another developer tool or hosting services provider. With, you will also have access to immediate sharing and re-use of our services throughout your different projects, and immediate monetizing of your services, with metered or subscription based billing for your clients and partners.


Scale and get enterprise support

We ensure that your services are not only scalable, but that you will have access to enterprise grade 24/7 support both in English and French, a backed guarantee of 99.99% uptime, full reversibility of your code data, GDPR compliance, log audits, and a company-wide dashboard with real-time savings in duration and resources achieved by

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