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From Ibexa to Arc XP, the story of 22 B2B media websites, 120 Newsletters and the most advanced paywall system in the world.

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The B2B media experts at William Reed used for a complex website move. 22 websites, hundreds of automated newsletters and advanced form-wall logic makes it one of the most complex migrations we've done.


William Reed operates a highly complex, technical architecture consisting of 22 websites around the globe for the food industry. These websites are cornerstone components of a large technological platform, which includes 119 fully automated and personalized newsletters, webinars, conferences, and a finely tuned system for form and paywalls that are activated based on hundreds of rules on each of the millions of pages and articles. Running on an outdated and unadapted Ibexa CMS platform, they struggled to add new features. Journalists complained about the quality of the CMS, and performance was also clunky.


Arc XP was a perfect choice to create and manage content at scale, with mulitple sites and comlpex content architecture. We also imlpemented several side-projects to manage 119 newsletters and the form/pay walls system.

All CMSes are not made equal.

Ibexa is not an outdated, old CMS. It's a quite popular platform, originally known as ezPublish. But there is content management for corporate companies and content managment at scale. We're more focused on the later.

So why William Reed decided to move from Ibexa? Several reasons for us :

  1. SaaS VS PaaS, when you're not tech company, when your focus is content and providig valuabel information to your B2B clients, managing a PaaS is a useless expertise to internalize. SaaS is always prefered, except if you're building your own operations software using low code.
  2. Amount of content matters. If you're dealing with a few thousands of pages, almost any content management would work. Ibexa for instance is very interesing if you are doing a little bit of everything (Marketing, Ecommerce, CMS, CDP, etc...) and their umbrella apporach with products in each line works fine. But William Reed is a content oriented platform with advanced workflows, paywalls and numerous ways to deliver fine grained content to it's clients. Ibexa cant cope with that much of content, making content contributors cry.
  3. Ibexa architecture has a littlle bit of Drupal spirit in it, based on Symfony, like Drual, the logic in Ibexa is often to buld everything you need on top of the framework, progressively creating a muddy monolith opposed to A more modern lightweight approach is what we call MACH or composable architectures. With Ibexa every new feature costed more and more

Unlocking Efficiency: Streamlined B2B CMS Migration with (Arc XP Gold Partner)

We migrated 22 high-authority B2B websites (including 119 newsletters) from the legacy Ibexa (formerly eZ Publish) CMS to a modern platform with tight deadlines. Multilingual content (including Chinese) added an extra layer of complexity.

Arc XP: A Perfect Fit:

Ibexa (eZ Publish)'s sunsetting posed challenges for future maintenance and scalability. Arc XP, a headless CMS known for its flexibility, performance, and out-of-the-box low-code publishing features, emerged as the ideal target platform.'s Expertise: As an Arc XP Gold Partner,'s team leveraged their deep understanding of both platforms to ensure a smooth transition. With 7+ experienced engineers and 2 dedicated product owners, they:

  • Streamlined Workflows: Optimized the migration process for a remarkable 20% time-saving.
  • Seamless Integration: Ensured flawless integration with systems like Adobe Campaign, Piano Identity Management, JW Player, and Megaphone.
  • Multilingual Mastery: Their expertise in handling multilingual content ensured a successful migration for all languages, including Chinese.

Benefits of Choosing

  • Proven Efficiency: A combination of extensive experience migrating websites to Arc XP and focusing on streamlined workflows guarantees a smooth transition and delivers faster results at a competitive cost.
  • Arc XP Gold Partner Status: Deep understanding of Ibexa (eZ Publish) and Arc XP platforms.
  • Uninterrupted Business Operations: The migration process is designed to minimize disruption, allowing your newsroom to continue publishing content seamlessly.

Ready to Modernize Your CMS?

Contact today to discuss your specific migration needs from Ibexa (eZ Publish) to Arc XP.  Our team can help you unlock the benefits of a modern, scalable CMS platform, ensuring your B2B websites continue to thrive.

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