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Headless CMS meets healthcare content

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The global data and insights resource for healthcare decision-makers.


A SiteCore generic CMS that does not meet the demands of a global publisher, creating operational complexities. Custom features that required maintenance.


A media CMS closely matching their workflow unlocking agility is a large global remote team. Out-of-the-box SaaS hosting optmized for global delivery.

Leveraging a Headless CMS for a Stronger, Global CITELINE

Challenge: Managing Multiple Acquired Websites & Strengthening the Brand

CITELINE, a global leader in healthcare information, faced a challenge after a series of successful acquisitions.  Six separate websites, managed under a single Sitecore CMS, created a tangled web of content silos. This complexity made it difficult for their geographically dispersed team (spanning New York, Singapore, Japan, and London) to collaborate effectively.

The specific problems included:

  • Content Management Challenges: The geographically dispersed team found it difficult to maintain consistent content versions and manage content across six different websites within Sitecore. This complexity stemmed from limitations in Sitecore's scalability and version control capabilities.
  • Scalability Strain: The growth in content volume and the global nature of the team pushed Sitecore's scalability limits. Here, the managed DevOps capabilities of a headless CMS like Arc XP offered a significant advantage. CITELINE's team could focus on core content creation and delivery tasks by offloading infrastructure management and server maintenance to the cloud-based CMS provider. This streamlined approach not only improved scalability but also freed up valuable IT resources.
  • Content Silos & Brand Dilution: Separate websites hindered a unified publishing experience and made it difficult to showcase a cohesive CITELINE brand to the global audience. Users struggled to understand the full scope of CITELINE's offerings, with each acquired brand potentially diluting the overall message.

Solution: Headless CMS Migration and Brand Consolidation partnered with CITELINE to migrate their six websites to a single instance of Arc XP, a headless CMS. This solution addressed the challenges head-on:

  • Headless Advantage for Global Teams: Arc XP's headless architecture simplified content management and fostered easier collaboration for CITELINE's geographically dispersed team.
  • Content Consolidation & Brand Cohesion: By consolidating content into a single CMS, helped CITELINE present a unified online presence. Improved organization within Arc XP made it easier for users to understand the complete spectrum of CITELINE's offerings under each category (previously different brands).
  • Unlocking Revenue Streams with Arc XP API: leveraged the Arc XP API allowing CITELINE to sell content licenses or subscriptions, enabling other companies to integrate valuable CITELINE content into their own platforms seamlessly.
  • Advanced Search & Email Alerts: Arc XP's built-in advanced search functionality empowers users, especially serious life science professionals, to delve into the vast content within the CMS. This feature provides a significant edge, as users can conduct in-depth research and discovery much more efficiently. Additionally, email alerts keep users updated on relevant content based on specific search criteria, boosting productivity and ensuring they never miss important information. With this powerful search capability, CITELINE becomes an even more essential resource for any serious life science professional who needs to stay ahead of the curve in their field.

Contact today and discover how a headless CMS migration can empower your brand and unlock new growth opportunities. We can help you tackle website consolidation challenges, strengthen your brand identity, and explore exciting revenue streams through content monetization.

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