We will build great apps. At a profit if we can. At a loss if we must. But we will build great apps

We build large projects using no/low code & SaaS tools. If you still need developers, we'll hire and pay them, worldwide.

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🏗️ You want to build an application with limited budget?

Building on limited budget requires to deliver maximum value in limited time. 
Unlike other nocode agencies our makers are senior full-stack developers who work x5 faster using no and low code platforms, cloud native services and SaaS tool.

How can we build x5 faster?

🧑💻 You need to find rockstar developers with product oriented minds?

Our KPI : present you 4 candidates within 1 month and a guarantee you'll hire one of them.
How? With a network of +100 recruiters worldwide, a deep knowledge of local markets and a unique, peer-to-peer filtering process.

How we hunt your next rock-star?

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