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Vision to Reality: Builds Accor Pay App

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Accor Hotels partnered with BNP Paribas to create a mobile app (Accor Pay) for their ALL loyalty program. built the app in Kotlin (Android) and Swift (iOS) to seamlessly connect with BNP Paribas' system. Accor Pay offers real-time points tracking, account management, and a smooth user experience, resulting in a successful launch on both app stores and a high rating (4.6 stars on Apple Store). This project highlights's expertise in cross-platform development and collaboration with leading financial institutions.


Accor Hotels needed a seamless mobile app to manage their ALL loyalty program. Integrating with BNP Paribas' backend system, the app had to deliver a smooth rewards experience for frequent travelers, including points accumulation and account management, across both Android and iOS platforms.


Collaborating with BNP Paribas, we contributed building the Accor Pay app using Kotlin and Swift, ensuring a native experience for Android and iOS users. The app streamlines loyalty program management, offering real-time point tracking and account access. With a successful launch on both app stores and a stellar 4.6 rating (Apple Store), Accor Pay empowers travellers and strengthens the ALL program for BNP Paribas and Accor Hotels is constantly striving to improve its products, services, and knowledge of the market. They have saved us a lot of time, and we were pleasantly surprised by their flexibility.
Gence Karabag

Gence Karabag

Mobile product manager

Key Features:

  • Secure Login: Protects user accounts and rewards information.
  • Real-Time Point Tracking: Travelers see their points updated instantly after every eligible purchase.
  • Account Management: Easy access to account details, program rules, and reward redemption options.
  • Credit Card Management:
    • View current balance and available credit.
    • Track recent transactions and spending history, categorized for easy budgeting.
    • Access past statements
  • Payment Due Date: See when your next credit card payment is due.
  • Mobile Payments: Securely make purchases using your phone at NFC-enabled terminals.


  • Successful Launch: Accor Pay launched successfully on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
  • Stellar User Rating: With a 4.6 rating on the Apple App Store, users have embraced the app's functionality and ease of use.
  • Increased Engagement: Accor Hotels has witnessed a significant increase in user engagement with the ALL program since the app's release.

Technical Challenges Overcome:

A key technical challenge in building the Accor Pay app was ensuring seamless integration with BNP Paribas' complex backend system.  This system manages a vast amount of financial data and transactions.

Another challenge involved guaranteeing a consistent user experience across Android and iOS platforms.  Here, the use of Kotlin and Swift, the native development languages for each platform respectively, came into play.  Our expertise in these languages ensured the app felt intuitive and functioned flawlessly regardless of the user's device.

While our low-code development expertise could have leveraged solutions like Flutter or Flutterflow to achieve a cross-platform app, BNP Paribas specifically requested a custom-built solution using native languages.  This approach gave them the granular control and flexibility they desired for this critical financial application.  Our team was happy to accommodate their request and successfully delivered a high-performance native app that met their needs.

Considering a Mobile Rewards App? can help you build a successful mobile app that streamlines your loyalty program and empowers your customers.  Our low-code approach allows for rapid development, efficient integration with existing systems, and a focus on delivering a user-friendly experience.

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