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ChatGPT & other LLM

AI simplifies routine sales tasks

Conversional AI
Large corporate
Randstad automated 30 to 60 minutes of their 4000 salespeople's daily tasks. The solution, which combines low-code, traditional code, conversational AI, text-to-speech, and speech-to-text models, was delivered in record time.


4,000 salespeople spend up to 60 minutes each morning on the phone, arranging replacements for short-term workers who failed to show up for their assignments. This not only incurs operational costs, but also adversely affects customer satisfaction.


We built an AI system that integrates with the company's internal APIs to place calls, respond to SMS, WhatsApp, and audio messages, and automatically fulfil replacements. The sales team manages the process via a custom-developed dashboard.

Speed and Flexibility with Low-Code Development:

  • Traditional coding can be time-consuming and require specialized skills. Our low-code platform offers a visual development environment, similar to building blocks. This allows businesses to rapidly prototype and iterate on their AI solution without needing extensive coding knowledge. Imagine quickly testing different functionalities and making adjustments as needed - all within a user-friendly interface.

Natural Language Power with ChatGPT:

  • Understanding and responding to human language is crucial for effective communication. Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities offered by ChatGPT empower the AI to comprehend client messages. This allows it to not only identify the need for a replacement but also potentially prioritize urgent requests based on the message content. Imagine the AI automatically recognizing phrases like "urgent" or "critical" and prioritizing replacements accordingly.

Seamless Frontend with Plasmic App:

  • A well-designed user interface is essential for any user-facing system. Tools like Plasmic App allow for a low-code approach to building the front-end of the AI solution. This means creating a visually appealing and intuitive dashboard for the sales team to manage the replacement process. Imagine a drag-and-drop interface where the team can easily access information and control the AI's actions.

Backend Efficiency with Node.js:

  • The backend functionality is the engine that powers the AI. Tools like Node.js (without mentioning the brand) provide a fast and efficient way to handle complex tasks. This ensures the AI smoothly integrates with the company's internal APIs to manage calls, texts, and responses. Imagine the AI seamlessly connecting with various systems, retrieving data, and coordinating replacements without delays.

Imagine this solution built for your business! With's low-code development platform, empower your sales team to focus on what matters most!  Schedule a Demo

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