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AI can help students find meaning in their life

Conversional AI
Unlock Student Potential with AI: Learning Planet Institute used to build an AI-powered chatbot for Ikigai exploration. Students now have a flexible, 24/7 tool to discover their life purpose.


The Learning Planet Institute (LPI) aimed to develop a mobile app for students to explore their core values, life purpose, and strengths through guided self-reflection and peer discussions. Because LPI is a nonprofit organization with a limited budget, creating a highly interactive app with numerous features was not feasible.


We were eager to create a useful application, so we proposed an innovative solution: building a Discord chatbot integrated with the LLM (Open AI ChatGPT) API. This approach would eliminate the need for front-end development, significantly streamline distribution, and effectively reach our target audience, which consists of heavy users of Discord.'s expertise with low-code tools and AI made all the difference. They transformed LPI's complex Ikigai program into a user-friendly, AI-powered chatbot. The result? Increased student engagement and a scalable solution. We're impressed!
Pascal Kolbe

Pascal Kolbe

Project Manager, Pedagogical Engineer & Facilitator

Building Ikigai+ with Cergy University, the first AI-powered Discord bot to help 40.000 students find purpose in life

We collaborated with the Learning Planet Institute to create a platform aimed at helping individuals discover their values, strengths, and life purpose. Cergy Paris University was the first live user, piloting Ikigai+ with 500 students in September 2023. Now, with a successful beta phase, the objective is to integrate Ikigai+ into Cergy University's curriculum to engage its 40,000 students in meaningful self-reflection and dialogue.

Why did we built the ChatGPT powered Discord bot?

The primary goal is to seamlessly integrate Ikigai+ into Cergy University's infrastructure, leveraging the successful pilot experience. This integration will empower students to align their personal aspirations with societal needs.

Discord Bot used during Workshops

Ikigai+ workshops will be embedded within Cergy University's curriculum, providing students with structured self-reflection sessions and opportunities for peer discussion.Through the Ikigai+ application, students will embark on a journey to uncover their core values, strengths, and aspirations.

Ikigai+ Workshop

How works our Discord Bot?

  • Python Framework: Ikigai+ is built on a Python framework, facilitating interactive chatbot functionality and robust data management.
  • Interactive Steps: The chatbot guides students through a series of questions and prompts, refining responses iteratively.
  • Recommendation Engine: AI algorithms suggest job opportunities and media content aligned with students' values and aspirations.
  • Real-time Sessions: The application supports real-time workshops, managing user groups and facilitating peer interactions.
  • Discord Integration: Seamless communication among students is ensured through integration with the Discord API.

Main features of our Discord AI Bot

The bot itself is part of a global approach to Ikigai workshops and a global process, that do not start and end with the bot interaction.

Deepening Conversations: AI models prompt students with insightful questions to guide them in exploring their values and aspirations.
Strengths Assessment: A validated questionnaire helps students identify their unique strengths.
Guided Exploration: Ikigai+ recommends relevant documentaries, podcasts, and books to deepen students' understanding of societal needs.
Peer Dialogue: The application facilitates discussions among students, fostering collaborative learning and support.
Spark Bot: A personalized bot assists students throughout their Ikigai+ journey, providing tailored guidance and prompts.

Example of a chat with Spark

Results of Ikigai+ Discord Bot

The workshops aim to significantly enhance students' sense of purpose and meaning, enabling them to align their personal goals with broader societal objectives. Testimonials highlight the transformative nature of the Ikigai+ experience, emphasizing the clarity and motivation gained through self-reflection.

Example of cards that are automatically generated by the bot

With's expertise in developing Ikigai+ and Cergy University's commitment to student development, this integration aims to empower students across diverse educational institutions to discover their purpose and contribute meaningfully to societal challenges. By integrating structured self-reflection and peer dialogue into university curricula, we equip the next generation with the tools they need to navigate an increasingly complex world.

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