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Build VS Buy flip

Having worked as IT in-house and external professionals for the past twenty years, we have witnessed the exponential acceleration of IT changes. We understand the pressures faced by IT teams, where maintenance costs consume budgets, and simultaneously, business requirements and opportunities continue to escalate. It is essential to champion core business functions in order to effectively grasp the future.

Migrating your legacy costly software to modern low-code stack is key to avoid costly SaaS (Salesforce, ServiceNow or Microsoft Dynamics for example).

Build VS Buy trend is flipping. After a decade of buying SaaS; companies now embrace a new era of building their own cloud-first, tailored applications but x10 faster and cheaper than before. We're experts in low-code and AI-based software building.

Internal Products Focus

As technology becomes more integral to business, the necessity for tailored software solutions becomes paramount. Many companies are transitioning from renting and adapting existing, often rigid software solutions, to developing internal products that are specifically tailored and optimised for their operational needs and business objectives. This shift/approach not only enhances customisation, adaptability and, cost efficiency, but also helps to gain a competitive advantage on the market.

Customization: Tailored features and functionalities that perfectly fit the unique business processes.

Agility: Greater flexibility to modify, improve and innovate in the internal product as needed without external limitations.

Cost Efficiency: Significant reduction in long-term costs associated with licensing fees and subscriptions.

Competitive advantage: Leveraging custom-developed tools to provide superior service that differentiate in the marketplace.

The product focus shift not only aligns with your strategic goals of innovation and self-reliance but also positions the company to better meet future challenges and opportunities.

Customer Centric

To secure long-term growth and sustained success, we prioritise customer and user needs in everything we do. We go beyond simply knowing their desires to deeply understanding their needs and the contexts in which they operate.

Strategic Prioritization: We craft effective strategies to address needs by customer segments, focusing first on the areas that yield the greatest efficiency and impact.

Proactive Roll-out: We proactively implement and roll out solutions, delivering new features and services precisely when they are needed to stay ahead of customer expectations.

Adaptive Innovation: By harnessing user feedback, we continuously adapt our user journeys to meet the changing needs of each customer segment, thus enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of our products.

Key People

With a highly experienced (relatively) small team, whose members know each other well, located in Paris, London, and Eastern Europe, we cut the fluff.

Maxime Topolov

Maxime Topolov

CEO Founder

Maxime began coding at age 8. In 2007, he founded Adyax, a digital agency that grew to 500 employees and was sold to Smile. In 2020, he co-founded code.store under his leadership, code.store has consistently doubled its revenue yearly.

Maxime has contributed to over 100 media re-platforming projects globally and is a sought-after consultant and speaker in the media technology sector, advising major outlets like the Washington Post.

Bertrand Merle

Bertrand Merle

CRO Founder

Bertrand started at DDB as a planner, focusing on luxury brands, including LVMH. He later led planning and new business at Dagobert, winning a Silver Lion at Cannes. In 2015, he collaborated with Maxime and Arthur, winning projects for JCDecaux and handling 250+ digital initiatives for major brands.

After serving as Managing Director at Sopexa, he co-founded code.store in 2020. Bertrand brings a deep understanding of marketing and digital advertising.

Arthur Murauskas

Arthur Murauskas

CTO Founder

Adyax's first employee began coding in high school. He progressed from a software developer on media projects like France24 to the role of technical director, overseeing 120 software engineers for major accounts such as LVMH, Saint-Gobain, and WFP.

Following the Smile acquisition in 2018, Arthur spearheaded a company-wide agile transformation. In 2020, he co-founded code.store with Maxime and Bertrand, bringing deep tech expertise and innovative strategies.

Nikita Panasenko

Nikita Panasenko

Head Of Quality

Nikita began his IT career in 2010 as an SEO specialist, then transitioned to a junior QA role in a game development company in 2012. In 2015, he became a QA Lead, guiding a team of 13 people. As a QA Lead, Nikita has received several awards, including Best Game of the Year and Best Telecom Application of the Year. His main goal is to establish, moderate, and improve QA processes and company procedures.

Oksana Shmiliak

Oksana Shmiliak

Head Of People

Oksana is the master of building our team. She finds and recruits amazing people on whom our work is based. She understands people better than anyone and helps code.store create the most amazing IT services company to work with and for.

Alyona Rapova

Alyona Rapova

Lead Developer

Alyona started her journey into programming as a hobby and eventually became a fullstack developer. With over 7 years of experience, she has participated in projects across various domains, building applications from scratch or enhancing existing ones. Her main focus is to deliver the most efficient implementation based on the project's business needs.

Lucas Baron

Lucas Baron

Lead Product Manager

Lucas began his career as a technical Project Manager at Adyax our previous agency, where he built projects in various industries such as Construction Materials (Saint-Gobain), Luxury (Christian Dior Couture), among others.

He joined code.store in early 2022 as a Project Director, leading large-scale Low-code Media Publishing platform migration to headless CMS and Low-code Mobile App development.

Olga Zviezditcheva

Olga Zviezditcheva

Senior Product Manager

Olga began her career as a web project manager in 2008. In 2015, she joined Adyax, where she crossed paths with the future founders of code.store. Throughout her career, she has managed projects for clients across various sectors, including retail, insurance, and publishing. With roles ranging from digital project manager to support manager, scrum master, product owner, and solution architect, Olga has overseen the successful delivery of over 40 projects, with more to come.

Max Sadovyi

Max Sadovyi

Lead Migration Expert

Meet Max, a seasoned Node.js Senior Developer with a lifelong passion for coding. With expertise in AWS and AI integration, he led the migration of projects to ArcXP. Max's leadership guides teams to success, sharing knowledge and fostering growth. His commitment to innovation sets new standards in web development.

Henri de Navacelle

Henri de Navacelle

UK General manager

Serial innovator with 20+ years driving digital transformation at Fortune 500s like Google, J&J, and HSBC. Now leading code.store UK, Europe #1 low-code integrator.

Passionate about building high-performing teams and achieving breakthrough results.

SaaS and low-code aren’t only for SMEs!

Over thirty companies, ranging from startups to major corporations, including Norstella (US), The Washington Post (US), William Reed (UK), Record TV (Brazil), L'Express (FR), Randstad (NL), Emeria (FR), The National (UAE), IamExpat (NL), and Irish News (NI), trust us.

Our Values


From day one, we have operated as a fully remote international team of 40 experts. We carefully select our members, which sometime challenges our growth. We extend this trust to our clients, for whom partnership is essential. We'll promptly inform you if you don't require our services or if there's a better option, such as an off-the-shelf solution for your problem.


We are passionate about technology, and our senior team's experience is continuously challenged with the latest advances, minus the fluff.

Mad about details:

You trust us with your project, and we will embrace your strategy, diving deep into the operations to turn your vision into reality.

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