We build internal business apps

Not all software has to be built with code. We help you speed up your time-to-market and reduce maintenance time with low-code, SaaS tools and AI.


Faster time-to-market


Less maintenance costs


Development costs

Software makes your margins

Tailor-made software outperforms the myriad SaaS solutions you currently use. Better user experience, automation, and less manual interventions, directly boosting your EBITDA. Unlike the past, when software costs outweighed ROI, today's low-code solutions are more cost-effective than your ongoing SaaS expenses.

Replatform your legacy software with low-code

Using outdated and poorly maintained desktop, PHP, Java, .NET, and WinDev applications costs you time, money, clients, and employees. While switching to Microsoft Dynamics, ServiceNow, or Salesforce may seem appealing, these solutions become increasingly expensive and lead to significant vendor lock-in. They also fail to deliver the level of human factor optimization provided by modern low-code platforms.

Cut through run costs

Old software drains funds from your budget with its inefficient cloud costs, environments, integration tests, security updates, and ongoing maintenance. Shift with us to modern low-code platforms like Retool, Xano, WeWeb, Plasmic, Fastgen, and Supabase to cut these unnecessary expenses.

Deliver applications within weeks

We rapidly deliver complex software by combining expert developers, visual low-code tools, and extensive AI integration across ultra-short iterations. This visual nature of low-code tools allows for real-time software adjustments in front of end users, accelerating feedback and refinements.

Create tailored UX and automation to your users

The SaaS era is ending. Companies can now create their own tailored SaaS solutions, perfectly aligned with business processes and designed specifically for the needs of each user group. Precious seconds are lost in every interaction by each employee every day using SaaS applications, not to mention skyrocketing license costs based on the number of seats.

On average you spend 9K$ per employee on SaaS, isn't it too much?

By the end of 2023, the average yearly SaaS spend per employee was of $9,600. Consider how much custom low-code software you could develop with a SaaS budget spanning 2-3 years, given that software assets typically amortize over 10 years. Stop bleeding costs—contact us for tailored solutions.

Low-code & AI revolutions

Modern low-code platforms (Xano, Retool, WeWeb, Superblocks, etc...) offer an open, flexible architecture that surpasses Power Platform, OutSystems, Appian, and Mendix. Low-code platforms feature minimal vendor lock-in, bring-your-own-cloud (BYOC) options, and API-first designs. Move away from expensive and rigid CRM, ITSM, BPM, and RPA platforms. Today, you can build any custom software for a fraction of your three-year SaaS budget. We specialize in crafting complex, enterprise-grade internal business applications and partner/vendor portals. We meticulously observe, analyze, and adapt to each employee group's user journeys, automating wherever possible to enhance your margins. We wire your company with tailored software.

Build VS Buy

For the past 20 years, SaaS has generally outperformed financially custom-made software in many cases. There are still numerous usages perfectly suited to SaaS , such as headless CMS, e-commerce, PIM, or DAM. However, don't get us wrong, custom software remains superior—it was simply too costly and complex to build. Not anymore, thanks to modern low-code platforms and AI. We can now develop custom internal business applications so quickly that it costs less than SaaS. How? The visual nature of the low-code tools we use introduces a new method of software development: hyper-agility. We co-build software with your employees, akin to "pair-programming" with  users, enabling the fastest feedback loops possible. Test us now!

We design, build and run internal business applications & portals

We analyze your operations, build a backlog, and streamline processes by removing redundant emails, spreadsheet exchanges, and manual data entries. We craft user-specific flows, applications, automations, and AI agents. Our development uses hyper-agile sprints that last just a few days, incorporating direct feedback through visual co-building sessions with end-users. We create adaptable, user-centric software.

Post-build, we can manage operations or equip your team for self-management. The straightforward nature of low-code platforms ensures easy adoption across any tech stack with basic knowledge in programming, API usage, data modeling, and authentication.

We deliver with passion

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