The most advanced API-first, enterprise commerce platform

Gemini Commerce: The Next-Generation, API-First E-commerce Platform

Gemini Commerce is a revolutionary, modern e-commerce platform built from the ground up with an API-first architecture to provide maximum flexibility, scalability, and customization capabilities for mid-market and enterprise retailers. Unlike legacy platforms like Magento which are monolithic and difficult to extend, Gemini Commerce embraces a microservices-based, headless approach that decouples the front-end presentation layer from the back-end commerce engine. This allows brands to evolve their customer experiences across channels faster.

Modular Microservices Architecture

At the core of the Gemini Commerce platform is a suite of granular API microservices that handle key commerce functions like Product Information Management (PIM), Order Management (OMS), Customer Data Platform (CDP), Promotions Engine, and more. Each microservice exposes a well-defined gRPC API that can be independently deployed, scaled, and updated. For example, the Product Service provides over 30 API endpoints to efficiently manage the entire product catalog, from creating products and variants to complex pricing and inventory syncing. The modular architecture enables rapid iteration cycles and selective upgrades of individual services without disrupting the entire system.

GraphQL Storefront API

While the back-end runs on gRPC, Gemini offers a GraphQL Storefront API that aggregates data from the various microservices and optimizes it for front-end consumption. The GraphQL API acts as the data layer for custom storefronts and apps, supporting common queries like product and category pages, cart, checkout, order history, and account management. With 30+ query types, 80+ object types, and powerful features like schema introspection and query batching, the GraphQL API can flexibly retrieve data in the precise structure needed for any front-end use case, minimizing round trips and payload size. This enables building highly performant PWA or native mobile experiences.

Extensive REST APIs

In addition to GraphQL, Gemini provides extensive REST APIs for integrating with external systems and enabling omnichannel scenarios. With 140+ REST endpoints across domains like CDPs, payments, fulfillment, promotions and gift cards, businesses can seamlessly connect Gemini to ERPs, CRMs, POS, mobile apps, and more. The well-documented APIs follow industry best practices like JWT authentication, JSON request/response format, standardized error codes, and rate limiting. Granular endpoints like "Add Gift Card Usage Entry" and "Refund Return" support highly customized workflows.

Flexibility and Customization

A key advantage of Gemini's API-based architecture is the flexibility to customize any aspect of the commerce experience. PIM APIs allow modeling product data and relationships in infinite ways. Pricing APIs support complex rules like tiered pricing, bundles, and personalization. Promotion APIs enable highly targeted merchandising based on segments, carts, and more. The OMS is fully extensible to handle custom fulfillment flows. Developers can compose the APIs together with custom business logic to support virtually any use case.

Enterprise Scalability and Resilience

Designed for high-volume enterprises, Gemini is battle-tested to handle hundreds of millions of SKUs, orders, and customers. The platform automatically scales containers up and down based on load, ensuring high performance during traffic spikes. Kubernetes orchestrates the containerized services across multiple availability zones for maximum resilience. A multi-tenant architecture and RBAC model provide data isolation for brands. Advanced monitoring and self-healing capabilities proactively resolve issues to meet 99.99% SLAs.

Magento Migration and Comparison

For brands looking to migrate from Magento, Gemini offers a compelling alternative with several advantages:

- Faster time-to-market and lower TCO with SaaS model and automatic upgrades
- Higher developer productivity with modern frameworks, CI/CD, and API-first architecture
- Easier multi-channel expansion with headless APIs for new touchpoints
- Better performance and uptime with cloud-native microservices and auto-scaling
- Access to advanced commerce capabilities out-of-the-box, like promotions, D2C, and personalization

The Gemini data migration toolkit simplifies moving product, customer, and order data over from Magento. Once the data layer has been migrated, developers can quickly build a new front-end using the GraphQL APIs and Gemini's accelerators for popular frameworks like React and Vue. Alternatively, Gemini also provides a PWA kit and reference storefront for even faster migration. Many brands have re-platformed from Magento to Gemini in under 3 months.

In summary, Gemini Commerce represents a generational leap in e-commerce platforms, combining API-first architecture, microservices, cloud scale, and intelligent commerce capabilities to help brands meet the demands of modern digital commerce. The platform's robust APIs uniquely position it as the central commerce engine in composable digital experience stacks. Forward-thinking retailers building on Gemini gain a significant competitive advantage in agility, innovation, and time-to-market over legacy platforms.

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