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Record's Publishing Revolution with ArcXP

Media and Publishing
Content Migration
Record migrated their existing, custom-made Ruby on Rails CMS to ArcXP. We assisted with the architecture, content migration of 10 million articles, and over 70 custom blocks.


Records's custom Ruby on Rails platform, although powerful, faced challenges in scaling its extensive content library and expanding its user base. To reduce maintenance and allow their existing team to concentrate on developing new experiences and innovation, they sought a platform that would allow them to break free, focus on the future and also enable them to pursue the AI innovation path.


Collaborating through an Agile LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum) process, accelerated Record's team in their migration to ArcXP. Our team focused on the architecture, content migration, SEO optimisation, and development of custom blocks as well as custom embeds.

Record, a leading Brazilian media powerhouse, found its custom Ruby on Rails CMS struggling to keep pace with its ambitions. While powerful, the platform became a bottleneck as Record's content library ballooned and its user base surged. Maintaining the system consumed a big chunk of developer resources, stifling innovation and the ability to deliver new experiences for their audience.


Record partnered with to migrate their CMS to ArcXP, a cutting-edge, headless CMS built specifically for media and publishing companies. This collaboration unlocked a wave of benefits:

  • Reduced Maintenance: Migrating to Arc XP's cloud-based platform reduced the need for in-house maintenance, freeing up their developers from tedious maintenance tasks.
  • Content Scalability: ArcXP's robust architecture effortlessly accommodates Record's vast content library and paves the way for future growth without performance concerns.
  • Increased Developer Productivity: With maintenance minimised, Record's development team transformed into an innovation powerhouse. They experienced a 50% surge in developer productivity, allowing them to create exciting new features, and functionalities for viewers, as well as experiment with AI.
  • Improved User Experience: Arc XP's flexible content management system and multi-platform delivery capabilities empowered Record to deliver a more seamless and engaging user experience across all platforms.

Digging Deeper:

  • Technical Details: While powerful, Record's custom Ruby on Rails CMS faced limitations in scalability and content management efficiency. ArcXP addressed these challenges with its robust architecture:
    • Microservices Architecture: ArcXP's modular design allows for independent scaling of different functionalities, ensuring smooth performance even with a massive content library.
    • Headless CMS: Separating content creation from presentation empowers flexible content delivery across diverse platforms (web, mobile apps, etc.)
    • Intuitive Content Management System: ArcXP's user-friendly interface streamlines content creation and management workflows for editors.
  •'s Migration Methodology: We're veterans when migrating large publishers, and we've perfected a robust methodology to ensure a smooth and efficient transition. This methodology encompasses every step of the process, including:
    • Discovery Workshops: Collaborative workshops to understand your needs, challenges, and goals.
    • Data Mapping & Migration: Planning and execution to ensure seamless data transfer with minimal disruption.
    • Templates & Block Migration: We migrate your existing templates and blocks to the new CMS, preserving your content presentation.
    • SEO Optimization: We prioritise SEO best practices throughout the migration, ensuring your content remains discoverable in search engines.
    • Paywall, Revenue & Service Opportunities: We help you integrate your paywall system, revenue streams, and any additional services you offer within the new CMS.
    • AI Opportunities: We explore the potential of AI integration within Arc XP to enhance content personalisation, automation, and insights.
    • Go-Live & Support: We provide comprehensive support throughout the go-live process and beyond, ensuring a smooth transition for your team and audience.

With's proven methodology and Arc XP's powerful platform, Record is now well-equipped to deliver exceptional content experiences for its audience while maximising developer productivity and future-proofing its digital infrastructure.

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