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A website for expats, migrated from an old, expensive CMS to a new platform saving them over €17,000 per month with better features and performance.


Drupal 7 is not supported anymore, the old CMS required 15K€ per month of maintenance and 2K€ of hosting alone. No new features were added, as the ROI couldn’t be met with high maintenance costs and recurring performance/quality/security issues.


We migrated them from Drupal 7 to Directus Cloud. We used smart CDN and Vercel mix to limit run costs for IAmExpat.

IAmExpat, a leading website for expats in the Netherlands, found itself stuck with an outdated Drupal 7 CMS. The platform lacked support and demanded a hefty €17,000 per month for maintenance alone and another €2,000 for hosting. This translated to high operational costs and limited resources for new features. Additionally, recurring performance issues, security concerns, and a cumbersome content management experience hampered IAmExpat's ability to effectively serve its user base.

Beyond the Costs:

The limitations of Drupal 7 impacted IAmExpat's business in several ways. Updating content became time-consuming, hindering the delivery of fresh resources to their expat audience. The clunky interface made content creation less efficient for editors, potentially slowing down the publication of valuable information. Additionally, security concerns could have posed a risk to user data and website functionality.

The Solution: partnered with IAmExpat to understand their needs and recommend the most suitable CMS solution. Through a collaborative discovery phase, Directus Cloud emerged as the ideal platform. This modern, headless CMS offered a user-friendly interface, scalability for future growth, and a strong focus on security.

The Migration Process:

Our experienced team orchestrated a seamless migration from Drupal 7 to Directus Cloud. Utilising a combination of best practices and tailored tools, we transferred content and data effectively, ensuring IAmExpat's operations continued uninterrupted throughout the transfer process.

  1. Planning and Discovery: We worked closely with IAmExpat to understand their website structure, content types, user roles, and SEO requirements. This in-depth planning ensured a smooth transition, minimised disruption to their ongoing operations, and optimised the website's content for search engines.
  2. Data Extraction and Transformation: We employed inhouse tools and techniques to extract content, user data, templates, and blocs from Drupal 7 in a clean and structured format. The data was then carefully transformed to ensure compatibility with the new Directus Cloud schema.
  3. Content, Template, and Bloc Migration: The extracted and transformed content, templates, and blocs were migrated to Directus Cloud. A rigorous validation process ensured data accuracy and completeness throughout the migration.
  4. SEO Optimization: Our team ensured that SEO best practices were followed during the migration process. This included migrating meta descriptions, title tags, and other relevant SEO elements. We also collaborated with IAmExpat to develop an ongoing SEO strategy to improve their search engine ranking.
  5. Paywall, Revenue, and Service Opportunities: We discussed IAmExpat's potential revenue goals and explored how Directus Cloud could support their needs. This could involve integrating a paywall system, creating opportunities for premium content or services, or exploring advertising options.
  6. AI Opportunities: We discussed how IAmExpat could leverage the potential of AI in the future. Directus Cloud's headless architecture allows for easy integration with AI tools that can automate tasks, personalize content delivery, or enhance user experiences.
  7. Website Integration and Testing: The newly migrated website built on Directus Cloud was seamlessly integrated with IAmExpat's existing domain name and hosting infrastructure. Extensive testing was conducted to guarantee functionality, user experience, and SEO performance before launch.
  8. Go-Live and Ongoing Support: We provided comprehensive support throughout the go-live process, ensuring a smooth transition for IAmExpat's users and editors. Additionally, our team remains available for ongoing maintenance, support, and strategic consultations as needed

Technical Wins and Quantifiable Results:

The migration wasn't just about cost savings. It delivered a significant boost to IAmExpat's technical capabilities. The new CMS boasts:

  • Improved Performance: Faster page load times enhance user experience and search engine ranking.
  • Enhanced Security: Directus Cloud provides robust security features to protect user data and website functionality.
  • Streamlined Workflows: A user-friendly interface empowers editors to create and publish content more efficiently.

Beyond the impressive €17,000 monthly savings, IAmExpat now experiences:

  • Increased Content Creation: The streamlined CMS encourages content creation, providing a richer experience for their expat community.
  • Improved User Engagement: Faster loading times and a user-friendly interface contribute to a more engaging experience for website visitors.

Ready to Free Your Business from an Outdated CMS?

Let guide your migration to a modern CMS platform. Schedule a free consultation focused on migrating from unsupported legacy platforms like Drupal 7. Additionally, download our in-depth case study to learn more about the IAmExpat migration and the benefits of a modern CMS solution.

Together, we can unlock new levels of efficiency, cost savings, and content creation freedom for your business.

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