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Storyblok is a headless content management system that enables developers and content teams to craft superior content experiences across various digital channels.

Storyblok – The Modern CMS

What is Storyblok CMS?

Storyblok CMS is a headless content management system that brings together developers and content teams, enabling them to create powerful and engaging content experiences across various digital channels. It operates on a cloud-native headless architecture that affords users the flexibility to integrate with any platform, publish content across multiple channels, and extend their capabilities easily.

Founded by Dominik Angerer and Alexander Feiglstorfer, Storyblok launched in 2015 as a prototype that has grown into a comprehensive tool for businesses to build and scale their digital experiences. It is designed to enhance content creation workflows, streamline multi-site management, and implement global marketing strategies with granular control.

Storyblok CMS is valued by a diverse range of users, from developers and designers to content creators, because of its intuitive user interface, customizable content structures, and robust features.

What is Storyblok used for?

Storyblok is used for versatile content management and creation for diverse digital platforms. It's a key tool for organizations looking to build and manage a wide range of content, from corporate websites and e-commerce platforms to mobile apps and digital display screens.

With its API-based architecture, Storyblok allows developers to define content types and nested components, resulting in structured JSON that can be easily integrated with various technologies. This feature, coupled with its visual editor, greatly enhances the collaboration between developers, marketers, and content editors.

Another use of Storyblok is its ability to offer a live-editing experience. This means that content editors can preview their site while making modifications, resulting in a more efficient content creation process.

The platform also provides:

  • Native internationalization: enabling creation and management of multilingual content.
  • Collaboration suite: facilitating teamwork and communication among users.
  • Content publishing workflows: allowing for efficient planning, creation, and distribution of content.

Notably, Storyblok's features can be extended using React and JavaScript, demonstrating its adaptability to distinct project needs.

Who uses Storyblok?

Storyblok is widely utilized by a diverse range of users seeking to streamline their content management and creation processes. This includes:

  • Developers: They leverage Storyblok's API-based architecture and extendable features to build dynamic, content-rich applications.
  • Content Editors and Marketers: These users appreciate Storyblok's live-editing capability, which allows them to preview and tweak content in real-time, enhancing their workflow.
  • Designers: Storyblok's customizable content structures and visual editor enable designers to create engaging user experiences.
  • Businesses: From small startups to large enterprises, businesses employ Storyblok to manage their digital presence across multiple channels.

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