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Why Poool?

Poool is the simplest way to establish a relationship with your readers. Most media outlets understand today that you cannot immediately demand a subscription and simply paywall all articles. It's a long seduction game where you progressively ask more from your new readers. Starting with removing the ad-block, because a relationship shouldn’t start with theft, then perhaps asking for their email and opt-in, or connecting their Google/Apple accounts, and later inviting them to subscribe to a newsletter, and only then converting them into a subscriber.

Each step of this process may involve multiple tests and variations in format, duration, number of offered articles, and which behaviors should be rewarded to foster long-term, sustainably strong growth of your community.

At every step of this process, Poool assists you, saving countless man-hours, believe us.

What is Poool Access?

Poool Access is a dynamic paywall tool designed for publishers and digital media to convert audiences into subscribers and members. It features customizable paywalls, registration walls, and cookie walls deployable on websites and iOS apps. The platform provides a user-friendly dashboard for strategy management without the need for technical intervention. Key functionalities include:

  • Adaptative paywalls based on user engagement.
  • Registration walls for data collection and relationship building.
  • Cookie walls for compliant consent and monetization.

Poool Access supports quick integration ( needs only 2-3 days for tech setup), includes A/B testing capabilities, and allows seamless integration with tools like Stripe, Didomi, Mailchimp, and Zapier. It aims to deliver a positive ROI within three months.

What is Poool Engage?

Poool Engage is a tool designed for digital marketing teams to enhance the engagement and lifetime value of members and subscribers using customizable on-site widgets. These widgets include sticky banners, newsletter sign-up elements, pre-home pages, pop-ups, and forms, which can be implemented and adjusted without technical assistance.

Key features of Poool Engage include:

- Integration of newsletter sign-up elements directly into content or overlays.
- Creation of engagement elements in various formats like pop-ups, banners, or full screens.
- Customizable form fields to collect relevant data.
- Promotion of membership or subscription products across different site areas.
- Configurable display conditions for targeted engagement based on user behavior and demographics.

The platform also supports:
- Building onboarding journeys to retain new members and subscribers.
- Alerting subscribers about expiring payment methods.
- Launching A/B tests rapidly via the Poool dashboard to optimize engagement strategies.

Poool Engage is integrated with tools like Zapier and supports webhook connections, allowing for easy data collection and management.

What is Poool Flow?

Poool Flow is a data integration tool that facilitates the transfer of analytics data from Poool's products to cloud storage solutions like Google Cloud Storage or Amazon S3. This tool allows users to automate the export of raw data from Poool’s Access, Subscribe, and Engage products, supporting daily exports that are actionable across multiple applications and products.

Key functionalities of Poool Flow include:
- Sending raw data directly to chosen cloud providers (Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3).
- Retrieving daily exports in JSON or CSV formats, making it compatible with common business intelligence (BI) tools.
- Supporting comprehensive data analysis and integration without technical complexities.

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