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With Fortia we're able to build KYC, compliance, reporting and many other document-driven applications for banking, finance and insurance within days. 

What is Fortia?

2OS from Fortia is a no-code solution that helps companies from any sector to build high impact applications. No-code allows non-technical profiles to create a business application alone, with a drag and drop logic, build relevant workflows that hit the point. The No-code platform is composed of 2 parts: an App-builder and an AI-builder.

Data Modeling

2OS Data Modeling allows users to create a physical data model from a high-level conceptual model without any lines of code. Joining capabilities allow users to build associations between entities, similar to associations between classes – relationships, inheritance, composition and aggregation are all concepts that can be applied in data modeling.

User Interface Designer

2OS includes a drag-and-drop interface builder for creating screens for your web applications. It offers a wide range of components for customizing the look and feel of an application. With 2OS, it is possible to create all types of screens, including forms, dashboards, data visualizations, and information displays.

Process Automation

The Process Manager in 2OS allows users to configure processes without any code by drag and dropping standard actions. These processes can be launched from various areas in the application, and users can prototype and iterate quickly to adjust to their needs. The toolbox for building these processes includes actions, data manipulation, file interactions, and logic.

Data Integration

The Data Integration feature of the 2OS platform enables users to quickly and easily extract data from semi-structured files or structured databases, and apply a series of rules or functions to prepare the data for loading into an end target. Data quality rules can be applied to the data to ensure accuracy and completeness, and columns can be automatically assigned to the appropriate data model to speed up integration.

Who uses Fortia?

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How can we help ? is an official Fortia integrator. We can help you with the whole project cycle going from consulting, business process design and optimization, design and build the solution and provide on-going support & maintenance of your Fortia applications.

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