We can help your team building the architecture of the future leveraging our certified expertise in AWS, APIs, GraphQL and Serverless.

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Building a usable, simple and secure API is not easy. It gets even more complex in legacy environnements with multiple endpoint versions, teams, consumers and data-sources. We can help, designing, optimizing and implementing a future-proof, modern API that works. We don't just talk, we code. We're the creators behind the open-source project : GraphQL Portal, a GraphQL API Gateway that lets you combien any data-source in a single GraphQL endpoint.


AWS platform provides the most robust and large set of services to build almost anything. Yet, designing for AWS requires a very good understanding of underlying technologies, their interaction and cost. Our certified AWS experts will help your teams create your product on top of AWS managed services.


Serverless is a tremendous cost killer with true pay-as-you-go per function and automatic, unlimited scaling. With serverless micro services architecture you do not pay for reserved capacity of each virtual machine but only when each function is actually used. When your platform is barely used you almost pay nothing, making your hosting costs predictable and aligned with your trafic and revenues.


Entreprise grade quality achieved with isolated services, by removing complexities of a large, monolithic code-base and complex staging strategies. By un-bundling your legacy applications you create a stable, easy to maintain, secure and re-usable architecture. Debug and upgrades are simplified by avoiding monolithic approaches. But it comes at a cost : the importance of the initial design of your architecture.

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