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What is ArcXP?

ArcXP enables customers to create and distribute content, drive commerce and deliver powerful customer experiences, all on one SAAS platform.

Arc XP is a complete, API-First and headless Digital Experience Platform, providing a turnkey solution for modern publishers, broadcasters, and Corporate Enterprises.

Best experience for content creators

Journalists or content creators need to focus on their rich stories, with dozens of embeds rather than on the tool. ArcXP origins start in the newsroom of the Washington Post. Through an iterative process, they achieved the easiest and the most powerful content creation interface of all CMS we've tested before.

Integrated Digital Assets Management

Rich media is now key in every content platform. ArcXP integrates a full DAM system, empowering content creators to manage, reuse and integrate media in their stories and content pieces. The Arc XP platform covers both photos and videos, including: transcoding, live streams, channels and advertisement integration. Customers can monetize their own assets, independent of Youtube, etc.

Drag'n'drop your front-end

While totaly independent and headless, ArcXP let your team manage your front-end pages with simple drag'n'drop of building blocks. You're totally free to modify the theme, itself based on ReactJS.

Subcribers management

Gaining new subscribers and avoiding churn are the two main goals of any paid media companies. ArcXP provides everything you might need to manage your subscribers : paywall, offers, payments, subscribers' data-base insights, etc..

Who uses ArcXP?

How can we help ? is an official ArcXP integrator in Europe. We help you with all stages of your project. Our services cover consulting, training, front-end & back-end development, and migration of your content into ArcXP.

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