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Team On the Mission is an all in one app for critical communication. It provides advanced features as: MCPTT secure channels, realtime geolocation and emergency alerts, VOIP, chat, video calls, groups, corporate directories and much more. As their client base grew, there were a blatant need for more, advanced features, specific to niche business needs.

Pascal, CEO of Streamwide, editor behind Team On The Mission contacted us to work on a generic Plugins system connected to their core API and build two first plugins for them : Scheduling and Geofencing.

What we've done

1. Strategic Discovery

2. Architecture of a plugin system based on their core engine API (NodeJS, Angular, GraphQL and REST)

3. UX, UI, Architecture of Scheduling of technical requests for field personel plugin

4. UX, UI, Architecture of Geofencing plugin

5. Development and quality assurance of both plugins.

6. Deployment and continuous integration with Streamwide teams, commits in their mono-repo.

We've got work to do

Setting a global reusable apps eco-system on an existing 5 years old code-base is not an easy task. We had to deal with a robust but tricky low-level API, create a simple way to integrate into existing UI both for the web-app admin and iOS/Android.

Global Agenda view of all operations

Geofencing plugin let users define polygon area and alert rules.

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