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DDB is a leading agency working for largest and most famous clients all around the world.  Thousands of photos, prints, banners, flyers and product pack-shots are created, updated, validated and printed all around the world by one of their major client. DDB selected 2 tools : ClickUp for global follow up of their projects and PageProof, to validate with their client team production ready assets. But those two tools, were not connected. 

What we've done

1. Strategic Discovery with 3 teams (DDB, PageProof and ClickUp)

2. Building a custom ClickUp app to populate PageProof (users, projects, tasks, groups)

3. Build a custom middleware using PageProof SDK to push updates back to ClickUp

4. Testing, deploying and hosting middleware integration on Heroku.

5. Worldwide training of teams, and H24 support for the integration.

Implemented workflows

You don't need to manage tasks separately between ClickUp and PageProof! Users update their items in one of the apps and they show up automatically in the other. Simply rename any existing ClickUP task and instantly see it show up in the corresponding place on your PageProof projects.

ClickUp Task is renamed > PageProof Collection is renamed: User renames existing task in the ClickUp and the change gets instantly applied to the task in the Collections list of Pageproof.

ClickUp Task is deleted > PageProof Collection is deleted: Deletion of the existing task in ClickUp removes it from Pageproof.

PageProof ToDo List as added as Comment on ClickUP: Description: User on Pageproof returns To-do list for collection file and respective comment about it is displayed inside corresponding task on ClickUp.

Proof approved adds a new Comment in ClickUp: Description: User on Pageproof approves the collection file and respective comment about it is displayed inside corresponding task on ClickUp.

A ClickUp Task is reopen makes PageProof approval withdrawn: Description: When a user closes then reopens a task on ClickUp, the Pageproof approval linked to this task is withdrawn.

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