How it works?

From hunting to paying, we take care of everything. 

Why do you think you can hire best developers in the world?
Where do you hunt developers?

We currently hunt in following countries: Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Albania, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia, Serbia, France, Morocco. Learn more about where you should hire remote developers.

How do I hire a remote developer you've found?

You don't! Once a candidate is ready for a job offer. Our platform takes care of everything : making automatic job offer, hire the person, prepare and sign the contract with her, pay her and local taxes. On your side, you get a monthly invoice with 100% transparency (local taxes, our fees, developer salary, etc..) Learn more about hiring process of remote developers here.

How much does your service cost?

We take 20% of the annual net salary as one-shot, success only, recruitment fees.  There is additional 10% on top of the monthly gross salary to cover all our services (accounting, financial transferts, local taxes declarations, etc...). Learn more about international remote hiring here.

How much does a remote developer costs?

It strongly depends of the technological stack, seniority level and the country where your remote developer works from. For instance, a senior NodeJS architect in Ukraine would get around 6000$ per month, while a middle Android developer in Russia would cost you around 3000$. Learn more about worldwide developers salaries here.