What we do?

We hunt, hire and pay your developers. Our services cover every aspect of these activities: hunting and recruiting, contracts, finance, team buildings and travel...


Best developers are not on platorms. They do not look for a new job. Our unique network of 80 senior hunter will contact and sway them to work with your company. During a discovery phase we'll work with your team unique selling points, package and define precise persona of desired developer. Because of our global scale you'll have immediate flow of candidates within a week.


Working with remote developers requires some level of paper-work that is different in each country. code.store hires them for you and takes all the regulatory and legal risks. You simply get a transparent, detailed invoice every month.


Each month we control working days, vacations and sick leaves and we pay each of your developer directly on his bank account reducing financial hustle for you.


Remote teams need to meet. We help you with logistics of travel, we organize, buy tickets, book hotels and co-working spaces in every country where your developers are.

Local accounting

Many developers do not want manage freelance accounting. It might be quite time consuming and risky in some countries. Our global network of accountants will take care of everything. Your developers will not spend an hour making their invoices.

Remote agile training

Your team may not be ready for integration of remote ressources - no worries. Our experts in agile remote product development will help you to setup the right tools and processes to support a fully distributed development team.

Team buildings

A happy team must have time to know each other in person we help you organize virtual or real team buildings that fit your budget and culture. We have identified places and activities in each country to create unique experiences for your beloved developers.

Offices rental

Once your remote team starts to grow it might be important to find a local office where they could work and meet every day. We help to find the right place for the right budget in every country. Our local assistant will find and contract rental for you. We also manage rental payements on your behalf.

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